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Australia's Tiwi Islands

Bathurst & Melville Islands, Australia

Story by UrtheCast Gallery June 6th, 2015

Here, turquoise waters swirl beyond the Apsley Strait, the body of water dividing Bathurst and Melville, the largest of the Tiwi Islands. Long before European settlers arrived in Australia, the indigenous Tiwi people inhabited this region near Australia’s northern coast, subsisting off of a highly unique ecosystem. Because of the area’s high rainfall and isolation, the islands boast species of flora and fauna not found elsewhere in the world, in addition to eucalyptus forests, which will likely be the future of Tiwi’s forestry industry.

Image captured by Theia, UrtheCast‘s 5-meter resolution camera onboard the International Space Station.

Apsley Strait, Australia
Tiwi Islands, Northern Territory, Australia