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Everest & the Emerald Lake

Mount Everest, Nepal & Tibet

Story by UrtheCast Gallery December 20th, 2016

For many, the idea of ascending to the top of Everest, the highest mountain on our small blue marble, is the height of epic adventure. That legendary climb has been chronicled in renowned works like John Krakauer's "Into Thin Air" and has served as an imposing metaphor in countless other works of art.

But from up on the International Space Station, Everest — like many larger-than-life places on the planet — looks almost...small.

Bisected by Nepal to the south and Tibet to the north, Everest can be spotted at the top of the image below, right in the middle of the frame.

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Imagery captured by UrtheCast's Theia camera aboard the International Space Station.

mount everest focus middle.png

To the south of the mountain is Nepal, in the top first image below, and Tibet (China) is to the north, in the second image below. The image shows the areas to the northwest and southeast of Everest.

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everest forest and mountains.png
everest desert and mountains.png

The Emerald Lake

To the northeast of Everest is the emerald Lake Paiku, atop the river region of the Tibetan Plateau, or the 'Roof of the World.'

The gem-like lake is fed by several glacial streams that drain into the lake from the surrounding mountains. You can make out the distinct lake level changes in the third image below.

everest lakes.png
lakes 3.png
lakes 4.png