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Brisbane, by a Painted Bay

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Story by UrtheCast Gallery April 27th, 2015

From this angle, Moreton Bay could easily be mistaken for a painting. Situated off the coast of Brisbane, the bay is one of Queensland’s most critical coastal resources, providing a rich habitat for a variety of wildlife including humpback whales, dolphins, sharks, sea turtles, fish, dugong (manatees), and shorebirds.

Located in the middle of the image are the bays sandbanks, which create the illusion of turquoise-blue folds as the waves undulate over them. Included in this capture are also the islands of Bribie and Moreton. Six artificial reefs, developed for recreational and commercial use, encircle Moreton Island, and are located to the right of this scene.

Image captured by Theia, UrtheCast’s 5-meter resolution camera onboard the International Space Station.

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia