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Fresno in NDVI

Fresno, California, USA

Story by UrtheCast Gallery July 14th, 2015

This Deimos 1 image features Fresno, California, a city located in the state’s Central Valley. The image below was developed using The Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI), an indicator of a plant’s photosynthetic activity (‘greenness’). Scientists use this index to assess plant health, including vegetation density, total plant cover, and plant stress, by comparing the ratio of visible light and near-infrared light within an image.

To visualize the index and extract meaningful data from the original image, we’ve assigned its colors to the NDVI scale. Data points on the scale range from -1 (areas with no vegetation) to +1 (areas with healthy vegetation). Greens correspond to high NDVI values and reveal dense or healthy plants in the area, while the reds reveal sparse or stressed vegetation corresponding to lower NDVI values.

NDVI Capture of Central Valley Fresno, California, USA
RGB (Natural Color) Capture of Central Valley Fresno, California, USA
Fresno, CA, United States