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Toronto the Good

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Story by UrtheCast Gallery June 17th, 2016

Although Toronto receives more than its fair share of frowns from the rest of Canada, to the rest of the world, this city is known for its culture, hustle, beauty, and being ‘the best place to live in the world’.

And here’s a bit of proof, from space: Below, in the images from Deimos-2 and Deimos-1, you can make out the city’s many parks, beaches, and landmarks. Note the Rogers Centre (“the Skydome” for you non-millennials), behemoth skyscrapers, Billy Bishop Airport, and the city’s network of thoroughfares — including the longest street in North America, Yonge Street, which bisects the downtown core.

Established as ‘York’ in 1793, Toronto is a metropolis that knows its worth and works to preserve its history. Explains the official blog of Jennifer Keesmaat, Toronto’s Chief Planner: “…Toronto has emerged as a leader in conserving and managing archaeologically significant sites, and was recently selected by the Archaeological Institute of America (AIA) as recipient of the 2016 Conservation and Heritage Management Award.”

Toronto is the most populous city in Canada and the economic engine of the country. As the fourth largest city in North America and with 160 languages spoken by its ~2.8 million residents, it’s widely considered to be one of the most multicultural cities in the world. Now if only we could figure out why all that good stuff would furrow the eyebrows of its fellow Canadians….

Images captured by UrtheCast’s Deimos-1 and Deimos-2 satellites.

Toronto D2 Social.jpg
Toronto Social D1.jpg
Footnote: by Theras Wood, Manager, Content and Communications
Toronto, ON, Canada